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5 Tips to make the most out of your doctor’s visit

You know how expensive are the visits to the doctors. Clearly, asking queries to your doctor isn’t as easy as booking an appointment. Being introvert isn’t going to help in a doctor’s clinic as you get limited precious time to get your queries answered and hesitations only kill this opportunity. Moreover, asking queries to your doctor about your health isn’t that tough a task either! You just need to frame correct questions in your mind and you will be good to go. Let’s see, what all do you have to keep in your mind:

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Know the purpose of your visit:
You need to know the purpose of your visit. If it is the first time, you need to be more precise and clear with your queries. Ask questions that really haunt you about your health at home. However, if it is a follow up, you need to let the doctor know if the medications and the treatment are working. Right after booking the appointment, be prepared with the queries by jotting down the questions. 
List Your Symptoms Correctly:
After booking doctor’s appointment, closely notice your symptoms. Jot them down in your mind and speak them up in front of your doctor. Notice the appearance (redness, swollenness, dullness, brightness and etc) of your organs and also note down the sensations you feel. Also, let your doctor know for how long you have been feeling these symptoms. The best way to keep a note of them is by maintaining a diary. Forgetting any of these symptoms may not give the right clue to your doctor.
Carry accurate medical history:
Sometimes, the history of your medications and the past treatments that you have taken play a key role in your current treatment. Never hesitate in communicating with your doctor about your medical history, the otc drugs you have taken, and other crucial medical information you have. Even if you are consulting online doctors, you should be accurate with these information for better treatment outcome.

Get the company of your friend or a family member:
It is possible that you might forget something in the doctor’s cabin. It is also possible that your closed ones have observed symptoms clearly in you. Getting the company of a close person will help you better explain your condition to the doctor. Also, when the doctor makes some diagnosis or give information, one more person with you will help in easy grasping of them all. 
Recapitulate the visit’s summary 
It is important! Before leaving the doctor’s clinic, get a recap of everything discussed. Ask the doctor clearly about the medicines to be taken, the doses, the tests to be done, things to eat or not to eat, and other matter concerning your health. Before you come out of the cabin, you should have complete clarity about the things you will do after the consultation for your better treatment. 

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Keeping all the above tips in mind will definitely help you in making the most out of your doctor’s visit. Get prepared for your consultation, as soon as you book doctor’s appointment