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6 Health Benefits of the Good Green Tea

Consistent research has been establishing the multiple benefits of green tea which is finding its place in every urban kitchen. People are accepting it wisely and making it a staple beverage of their diet. However, if you are still not convinced with the amazing health benefits of green tea, below are a few to let you wonder how a cup of green tea can prevent you from serious diseases and ailments. 
Health Benefits of Green Tea | Online Health Care Tips

Online health benefits of green tea:

#1. Green Tea Prevents Cancer
Polyphenol, a potent antioxidant, present in green tea works against the growth of cancerous cell inside the body. They inhibit the growth of carcinogenic cells and reduce inflammation. The power of green tea in inhibiting the growth of cancers in breast, lung, prostate, skin, pancreas, and bladder are remarkable. A healthy person should have two cups of green tea daily. 

#2. Green Tea Controls Diabetes
 Green tea has the ability to stimulate pancreas for their optimum functioning. It also triggers insulin activity and keeps the blood glucose level in check. A cup of green tea in the morning is the best start for a diabetic. 

#3. Green Tea For Weight Loss
Green tea works wonderfully for weight loss by suppressing the cravings and enhancing the fat burning process. It also lowers water retention, improves digestions, boosts energy levels & immunity and enhances metabolism. Two to three cups of green tea is a healthy way to reduce weight without depriving it of anything. 

#4. Green Tea For Healthy Skin
Green tea comes with heavenly goodness for the skin. It’s anti-ageing and rejuvenating benefits are enormous. It helps in regeneration of inflamed skin cells while reducing the redness, wrinkles, and sunburns. Adding a little lemon and honey in the green tea will add to taste so that you easily consume it twice or thrice in a day. 

#5. Green Tea Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
Green tea gets its property of heart protection with the presence of a compound called Catechins. It reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol while improving the artery function. A green tea drinker has 40% to 60% less risk of high blood pressure than a non-drinker. 

#6. Green Tea for Detoxification
Apart from being a refreshing drink, green tea also detoxifies our body. It has natural cleansing and diuretic properties that help in eliminating loads of toxins out from out body.

Health benefits of green tea touches every part of our healthy living. If you have still not started taking green tea daily, it’s time to go for it. Make it one of the habits at home and feel the freshness it brings in to your life.