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Are you troubled with summer cold and shivering? Here is what you can do..

Summer is a time to chill out, go for a trip, or get engaged in activities. In such a sportive mood with your bags ready for an outing, the onset of throat pain, runny rose, nausea, and shivering can really make you upset. So, all these are the symptoms of summer cold which is not expected at this time of the season with a popular perception of cold as being a staple for winters only.
For your information, summer cold stays dormant at the background and is sticky. It may continue for one or two weeks which is enough a time to spoil your summer planning. Still, with a little precaution you can either avoid being invaded by this disease completely or at least can fight with it for a comfortable time till your recovery.
Summer cold is often associated with shivering along with other symptoms like nausea, headache, fever, running nose, sore throat, blurred vision, and fever. It is a normal condition of cold.

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Warning sign
Shivering should be mild and should not continue for long. Along with other symptoms of summer cold, it should be relieved with the usual treatment or home remedies. But if, the shivering continues with high fever, you immediately need to consult a doctor for proper treatment. 
Here are a few online health tips to face and fight summer cold
Stay away from sick people: Exposure to sick people sneezing and coughing around you can get you infected or prolong the duration of your sickness. Also, use hand kerchief and separate things of personal hygiene to protect others from the spread of this viral infection.   
Maintain Hygiene: Keep washing your hands frequently and take shower with warm water. Flushing our mucus will give your relief from running noise, headache, and sore throat.
Avoid being in re-circulated air: Being in a closed room with re-circulated air will aggravate the symptoms. Keep the windows open and take a stroll outside in the evening. Dryness of your nose will make the problem worse, so high speed fans should be avoided.
Take warm salt water or green tea with honey: Sore throat can be lessened with frequent intake of green tea with honey. This will soothe the internal lining of trachea and you will feel better. A gurgling with salty warm water will let you sleep peacefully.
Be hydrated. Take enough fluids: Dehydration during summer cold will lead to other severe problems. So keep drinking water or juices as per your choice. Keep your body hydrated to feel energetic and fresh.
Increase intake of vitamin C: Vitamin C improves your immunity. During cold, if taken, it can fight your illness leading to your quick recovery. So, take orange juice, grapefruit juice, or other fruits and add to your immunity. It will also act as a protective shield if you are again exposed to the virus.
With all the above health and wellness tips, home remedies for summer cold, you would definitely recover fast to get started with your plans of vacation.
Enjoy and have a healthy fun-filled summer!