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Be Aware! These food combinations can cause bloating

Many of the times you would have felt like your stomach would explode any time after having your favorite meal. This may be because you just had a ‘bad food combination’. The wrong combination might have pampered your taste buds, but would have not been so gentle on your digestive system and hence you feel bloated! Even if you choose on the healthy foods to eat, you must know which combinations are best to be taken together, otherwise the consequences may not be as healthy as you think. Awareness about choosing the right food combination and learning about the bloating remedies are equally important to safeguard yourself from this agony. So, here is a list of some food combinations, that when taken together, can cause abdominal bloating:

Be Aware! These food combinations can cause bloating

1. Fruits after or along the meals
Fruits are very healthy, no doubt, but if the fruits are taken along with meals or immediately after meals without maintaining proper time gap, then you may feel bloated. The reason being, fruits are very quick to go through the stomach and digest but when you combine them with grains or meat, it remains in your stomach for longer and starts fermenting. Hence, it is best to have fruits empty stomach or at least an hour before or after the meal.

2. Dairy and Starch
Again, dairy products take a while to digest and when you combine them with starch, digestion process becomes even longer. You feel bloated as the starch that has been there for so long, starts fermenting. 

3. Protein with other protein
Protein is one of the vital elements for body, but combining protein with another protein rich food is not a good idea. Protein requires a lot of energy to get digested and when you eat loads of protein then it could really take quite long before your stomach settles down. The best thing is to take non-starchy and green veggies if you are having protein items in your menu.

4. Liquid along with meals
Many of us like to combine liquid with our meals because we feel that it becomes easier for food to travel through the digestive tract. On the contrary, liquids take anywhere around ten to thirty minutes to travel through the stomach. Not only this, it also dilutes the enzymes that are needed to digest carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which may result in bloated stomach. It is therefore suggested to drink liquid at least thirty minutes prior to taking meal or after an hour of consuming the food.

Bloating can also be due to many other causes like overeating, gastric distention, irritable bowel syndrome etc, but whatever may be the cause, stomach bloating could be very uncomfortable at times. Also, these food combinations may get different responses in different people depending on the body constitution of a person. Still, being aware and avoiding such food combinations can help a lot in preventing the condition. Especially, for children, we should be careful enough not to give them anything to eat that causes stomach bloating. 
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In case you are feeling bloated and the normal home remedies are not working, then avoid taking risk and meet your nearest gastroenterologist for immediate relief. Taking a doctor’s suggestion is always better for lasting results.

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