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BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day—Do you compromise with it?

Morning hours are the rush hours. Waking up to go to the office, getting kids ready for school, planning to pack the lunch box and if possible a little exercise keeps you busy to an extent that sometimes you ignore your breakfast, the most important meal of the day.
The urban Indians, especially, compromise with their breakfast and take whatever is available in a hurry without giving a thought to the need for a balanced diet. However, breakfast should be the most nutritious meal of the day as it kick starts your day, feeds your mind, and fuels your body to keep you performing for the next 14 to 16 hours.

Health importance to eat breakfast

Why breakfast is important?

·         It is the first meal after a long fasting gap of the whole night, so your blood glucose level is low and you are low in energy.
·         Improper breakfast or skipping a breakfast keeps your mood low and stress level high
·         You need more concentration and focus that comes with a full stomach
·         A balanced breakfast plate prevents you from picking any unhealthy food when you feel hungry

Facts about breakfast in India

It is surprising that Indians take a lot of chance with their breakfast. While the first food in the empty stomach should be pure and easily digestible, it comprises of fatty and oily food. Mostly, Indians eat dosa, idly, paratha, vada pav, poha, puri, etc accompanied with potato curry. All these foods are heavy and oily and there is no balance of nutrition. Most of the energy is provided by fatty food and the contribution of protein is less which should actually be high.
Small Tweaks to Enhance Nutrition Value of Your Breakfast

·         Replace white bread with brown or multi grain bread
·         Prefer grilled or baked fish, paneer, or any other food item over fried food
·         Don’t forget to drink a glass of milk which is quick to take and good for your calcium requirements
·         One boiled egg or paneer will meet your protein requirement
·         Prefer fresh juice or fruits. Don’t go for packaged juices despite of the attractive advertisements on TV
·         One bowl of freshly cooked oats accompanied with a small bowl of sprouts can be filling as well as rich in nutrition
·         Poha, upma, or steamed idlis are a good choice for breakfast but accompany them with whole grain items, juices, milk, or curd at last to make it a balanced breakfast
·        Yoghurt smoothies can be a great addition to your breakfast which is tasty and healthy both
Take your breakfast seriously and make entry to a refreshing day where your body and mind will work most actively.