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Do You Know Vision of Your Child might be at risk?

“Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam”

Eyesight for everyone is important, but during childhood, the importance of focused and appropriate eyesight is much felt. This is the time when your child has to excel in studies, read books, write endless notes, look at the blackboard, and perform in sports. A problem in their eyesight, either distance sight or short sight, can bring a whole lot of associated complications in their lives.
Many a times, we are not able to understand or notice the growing problem of vision in our child. However, there are lots of signaling activities pointing towards a problem in their vision. If we would be a little more careful, these symptoms can be identified and addressed for required medical attention. 

Symptoms of poor eyesight in Children | Online Eye care Tips & Wellness Tips

Symptoms of poor eyesight in children:
·         Placing the book very close to the eyes or going too close to the TV
·         Rubbing the eyes frequently
·         Frequent headache or tired or watery eyes
·         Tilting the head or closing one eye to see better
·         Complain of hurt in the eyes if watching computer or mobile for too long
·         Disinterest in activities that require close vision like reading and even some recreational activities
It is also possible that your child is showing very mild symptoms that you are not able to notice. That is why, regular health checkups are recommended for better health of kid’s eyes.
Eye Tests: When to start and how to continue
Usually the eyes of kids should be examined when they are six months old. Again after two years and once before they start the school. In normal condition, one health checkup every two years is recommended for children till they are 18 years of age. However, if they are already diagnosed with a medical condition for eyes, one visit to ophthalmologist every six months will keep you tension free. 

Prevention for poor eyesight in Children:

What you can do for prevention?
Prevention is always better than troubling and expensive treatment. When it concerns children, taking some preventive measures will give long run sustainable results. There are many things you can do to prevent eye disorders in your child. 
·         Do not let the kids watch TV or other devices while being too close to the screen.
·      Always keep the room well lighted while they are reading, playing mobile or watching TV.
·         Pay special attention to their balanced diet, especially the green leafy vegetables and fruits.
·         Engage your kids in activities that need rapid eye movements.
·      Apart from physical activities, encourage them for some small eye exercises like rotation of eye balls and focusing on a pencil point.    
A little cautiousness can avoid a number of future problems. The eyesight of children is very important for their confidence, healthy living, and overall growth. So, be watchful and eliminate the risk factors that are dangerous to the vision of your child.