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Do's and Don’ts for a Safe and Healthy Diwali

The light, colour, and charm of Diwali brings with itself new hopes and positivity. The festival is marked with lots of decoration, sweets, lighting, and cracker works that infuses fun and excitement in the air. People clean their houses and plan for decoration much ahead of the main day. However, there are certain situations and acts that can jeopardize the whole celebrative mood of families. There are certain dos and don’ts that if followed can make the festival equally happening for everyone.  

do's & dont's for a safe and happy diwali

Who Needs Special Care in Diwali
Children, aged people, diabetics, asthmatics, and pets need special care during this festival. Right from the time of cleaning your homes to making rangolis and doing fireworks, you need to take care not to harm anyone of them through your acts. 
Do’s and Don’ts for Asthma Patients on Diwali
Smoke and dust are one of the many triggers for asthma. Make sure this Diwali does not turn out to be an unpleasant asthma attack day for you.
  1. Put a mask to avoid inhaling smoke, fumes, and dust
  2. If you are prone to frequent attacks, try to keep yourself indoor
  3. Keep you medicines and inhalers handy for any emergency 
  4. If you witness severe attacks, then plan for some outing to a hill station that is far from pollution
  5. Do not eat heavy sweets, snacks, or food
Safety Tips for all on Diwali
You would be happy only if everything around you are going good. So, take some preventive measures and stay cautious to make your Diwali safe and a memorable day.
  1. Wear fitting cotton clothes and keep blankets and bucket of water ready for any emergency
  2. Always burst cracker in open space and must accompany kids while doing fireworks
  3. Buy Indian lightnings and crackers and do not use any cracker that makes loud sounds
  4. Keep cylinder regulators off and safely hang the curtains to avoid any fire
  5. Don’t cover the cracker with any box or glass bottle to make extra sound
  6. Keep the cracker at a place or platform to burn it with a candle or match stick; Never hold the cracker in your hands
  7. Keep the diyas or earthen lamps away from any inflammable material like wood, cloth, or paper
  8. Diabetics should not indulge in too much sweets. They should opt for low sugarless sweets and low starch, low cholesterol snacks and food.
  9. Prefer home-made sweets and avoid items with chemical preservatives or silver foil sweets. 
      What to do in case of injuries?
      Accidents may happen, but we should be prepared enough to handle any unforeseen situation.
      1. Splash normal tap water on the injured body part till the burning sensation subsidesDo not smear ointment or any other oily substance on the burnt area
      2.  If the clothes catch fire, lie down, roll on the ground, or try to extinguish the fire with a blanket Cover the burnt area with moist sterile bandage 
      3. Rush to the nearest hospital in any serious case
      DoSome acts of humanity on Diwali 2016
      1. Buy the handmade earthen diyas from your local market
      2. Before you buy any decorative item, lighting, or crackers, check where it is manufactured. Go for made in India.
      3. Do some extra purchasing this year. Gift to your watchman’s kids, housemaid’s kids, or others for whom even Diwali does not bring any light.
      4. Share meals, sweets, and feasts with under privileged
      5. Do not scare the innocent animals throwing crackers towards them. Stop the children if you find them doing so.
      6. Engage elders by making them a part of celebration
      Think of the aged people, the patients in the neighbourhood, birds, and animals who fear sound and celebrate your Diwali Sensibly. It is meant to bring light and happiness in everyone’s life. Have a Safe Diwali!