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Do’s and Don’ts for Taking Medicines

Online Precautions for taking medicine 
There are many for whom medicine has become a part of life. Old age, adults, or kids, the need for medicine is felt for everyone at one or the other health situations. You may be put on a temporary medication regimen, while others might be having it for a lifelong administration. But have you ever realized how important it is to take your medicines correctly for its hundred percent results. Many of us take the medicines right on time without being aware of other factors that could alter its effect, both for positive or negative results. Especially, when you are put on more than one medicine, then your knowledge about both of them, their effects, contraindications, side effects, etc becomes crucial for your safety.

Do's and Don'ts for Taking Medicines | Online Medical Care Tips

Basic things to consider while medication

  1. When and how much to take the medicine
  2. How and where to store the medicine
  3. What could be the side effects of the medicine you are taking
  4. What could be the effect in combination with other medicines you may take
  5. What will happen if you skip the medicine
  6. What will happen if you increase or decrease the dose of the medicine
  7. When is the expiry date of the medicine
We all belong to an aware generation where we understand our rights on information. We must understand the outcome of our act that could have effect on your health. Hence, for medical information and getting the best results out of our medicines, we can do the following things:

Ask Your Doctor: We definitely need to follow our online doctor’s instruction completely. But, having a talk with him regarding the pros and cons of medicine prescribed is obvious and you must go for it. In the meantime, you should also disclose your peculiar habits regarding the way you take medicines so that the doctor will be able to give prior suggestions, if needed.

Search and gather basic information: Internet is a good source of gaining basic knowledge. With so many active community groups on internet, you can get an idea of the properties of your medicine’s constituents, its effects, side effects, and contraindications.  But, remember, Medicines are chemicals after all and your incomplete research will lead to incomplete knowledge based on which you should never choose a medicine. So, even if you gather some information that concerns your medicines, you should share it with your doctors for a careful move towards your health.
Avoid Over-the-counter medications: Over-the-counter medicines are made easily available because they are comparatively safe for everyone. Still, you should not make it a habit and even if you buy check the dates closely to avoid any emergency situation.  
Common mistakes while taking Medicines:
  1. Patients discontinue the medicines after a little relief from the symptoms
  2. Patients get confused about taking a medicine before or after the food
  3. When too many medicines are prescribed, patients usually forget to take some of them on time
  4. People try to skip or alter the dose of expensive medicines
  5. If a medicine does not suit, people don’t understand what to do next