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Dry Cough Home Remedies Every Parent Must Know 

Young children and toddlers often get infected and catch cough that does not go easily. It is not always possible to run to a doctor or a pharmacy to get the medications. So parents should always be aware of some tips and remedies that can work well to reduce the symptoms of cough and give some relief to the child. Though, serious symptoms cannot be managed at home and you need medical advice, some natural remedies should be practiced before reaching to the doctors to help your kid overcome the acute problem.   

Dry Cough Home Remedies Every Parent Must Know 

In the rainy season, cough and cold are one of the common ailments children often get affected with and there are various reasons causing the problem. 
What is dry cough?
Dry cough doesn’t produce phlegm or sputum. This is very common when a person develops viral infection of throat or nose. It gives the feeling of something being stuck in the throat and doesn’t get out even with continuous cough.
Dry cough can be the outcome of exposure to dusty environment or allergens or some illnesses. Moreover, random tickle at back of the throat can also cause dry cough. No matter what type of cough you have, there are effective home remedies for cough that parents can follow to help their children get quick relief.
Although, over-the-counter or prescribed medications work effectively, there can be nothing best than the home remedies, as they do not cause any side effects while giving a significant relief.
Before we see the home remedies for dry cough, let’s have a look at the factors causing this illness:
  1. Allergies
  2. Post-nasal drip
  3. Cold / flu
  4. Acid reflux
  5. Environmental pollutants
  6. Sinus infection
  7. Asthma
  8. Pneumonia

Here follow simple, yet effective dry cough home remedies:

Ginger: Since ginger can promote the production of saliva and break down the mucus, it helps to cure dry cough.  Here follows the procedure;

  • Take a small piece of ginger and sprinkle salt over and chew it
  • Take ginger juice and add honey or basil leaf, boil it and drink warm
Garlic: This ingredient has antimicrobial properties and thus help to soothe throat and reduce cough while alleviating pain from coughing. It can also ease itching sensation in the throat. Here is the procedure to use:
  • Mix crushed garlic clove with honey and add a few drops of clove oil to get fast relief.
Turmeric: Available in every kitchen, this is a powerful ingredient with ample antibacterial properties. Procedure to use:
  • Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder to hot water and add salt. You can use this water to gargle.
  • Add two pinches of turmeric powder and pepper to warm milk and drink.
Marshmallow root: This root contains pain and inflammation curing properties. This is an effective home remedy for dry cough. It can protect mucous membrane tissue. Procedure to use:
  • Take 3 grams of dried marshmallow leaves/ root and add to hot water. Leave it for few minutes and then strain out the leaves / root to drink. Drinking at least 3 cups of this tea per day can give quick relief from dry cough
Salt water: Try to gargle with warm salt water at least 2 or 3 times a day. This will help you to ease the discomfort caused by dry cough. It also helps to dislodge phlegm hanging out in the throat.

The above-said ingredients besides giving a remedy for cough, also help to relieve other related ailments like digestion problem and breathing difficulties. They also help in improving metabolism and immunity. 

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In the initial stage of cough, these home remedies work wonderfully. However, different children give different response to the same remedies. Still, if the condition persists, then never hesitate to rush to your nearest doctor. Find any experienced ENT specialist or a pulmonologist to get properly diagnosed and treated.