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Hair Care Tips to Combat Hair Loss & Strengthen the Hair!

Hair is the crown of our body. Good and healthy hair makes you attractive while weak, fragile, and falling hair makes you conscious with less confidence and self-esteem. Everyone wants to have healthy hair that they can flaunt and style the way they want. Before starting with the online hair care tips to take care of your hair, let’s understand the reasons that lead to hair fall.  

Reasons for Hair Fall
Though there are many reasons for hair fall, the primary five reasons are listed below:
Nutritional Deficiency: An unbalanced and deficient diet may get reflected with poor hairs on your scalp. If your diet has not enough of protein, calcium and vitamin E, you may experience ongoing hair fall.
Pollution: The air we move in is full of pollutants that can easily get into your hair making them cloggy, frizzy, and untidy. These elements are enough to steal the luster of your hair and make them fragile.
Improper Care of Hair: Too much shampooing or lack of timely shampooing can damage your scalp and hair follicles. Make a routine of doing shampoo twice in a week and if you go out in pollution, make it to thrice but not more than that. It will get rid of oil, particles, sebum and other elements that can harm your hair.
Side Effects of Illness and medications: If you are experiencing sudden hair fall, the reason may be any new medicine you have started or any prolonged illness.  
Genetic Reasons: Many times even after taking proper care of your hair and taking a rich diet, you experience hair fall that is not easily controlled. In such cases, the reason may be genetic or hereditary that needs programmed medical treatment.

Online Hair Care Tips to Strengthen Your Hair
Home/Natural Remedies: There are a lot of resources at home that can help you manage and strengthen your hair at nominal cost. Prepare hair masks at home and apply on your hair. Some of the constituents for hair mask can be oat paste and curd, curry leaves paste with fenugreek seeds’ paste, lemon juice with honey and hibiscus leaves, heena mixed with gooseberry powder, and others like shikakai powder mixed with amla powder. Applying them once in ten days can nourish your hair and strengthen them.
Proper Diet: Taking a balanced diet is important. Try to eat two dates daily and a glass of milk at bed time. If doctor advice’s, include other items in your diet as well.
Protection: When you go out in sun, in vehicle, or in polluted area, cover you hair with a scarf or stole. This will prevent direct exposure to UV rays, dust, and other pollutants that can damage your hair.  
Medical Treatment: For unknown reasons of hair fall or hair fall due to side effects of some other illness or medication, you need to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

How to Regrow Lost Hair?
Having your lost hair back is a little difficult. However if your hair follicles are still alive and fertile, the chances of your hair regrowth is high. Also, if you have recently shed your hair and your baldness is not chronic, then you should definitely give a try to bring back your hair. The two major ways of hair regrowth are mentioned below:
Hair Transplantation: This is a very successful and highly demanded cosmetic surgery. In this process, fertile hair follicles are transplanted to the area of baldness where they grow naturally. The look and feel of your own hair growing the natural way is the advantage with this process. 
Home Remedy: Some home remedies have done wonders in the process of hair regrowth. However, the results depend on the type of hair fall and the consistency you maintain in following the remedies. Applying onion juice daily on your scalp may result in hair regrowth. It may take two to three months of time. The pungent smell of onion juice is repulsive, so sticking to the routine gets difficult. But, if followed there are chances that you get your hair back.

Follow these online hair care tips and enjoy a shiny lustrous hair that attracts everyone.