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Home Remedies for Winter Joint Pains Among Elders

Winter comes as a battling season for the seniors who experience aggravated joint pains and muscle aches in the cold weather. The number of elderly people visiting doctors and physiotherapists during winter complaining of their stiffened muscles and aching joints rises significantly. People with arthritis get severe knee pains and decreased mobility which gets really tougher for the elderly with their age contributing more to the problem. Keeping proper medical pain management methods on the top, we will here discuss some home remedies for joint pain and winter care for the elderly.

Home Remedies for Winter Joint Pains, Knee Pains, Muscle Aches

Home remedies for knee pain in old age 

  • Use Epsom salt in water: Dip some Epsom salt in warm water and give hot water soaks to the aged person at home. It will not only reduce the swelling but will help relieve the pain. To normalize the leg movements, this method works wonderfully. 
  • Give hot oil massage/Add some garlic: Massaging the hands and feet with hot oil increases the blood circulation and helps in the movement of joints. If you manage to heat some garlic in the oil, it’s result will be better. 
  • Prefer warm beverages: Warm drinks can help keep the aged people warm inside. Hot ginger tea, coffee, and soups will make them feel good and active.    
Natural remedies for joint pain and inflammation 
Winter joint pains among elders, sometimes come with inflammation also. In that case, you can use products available at home to treat the pain and swelling. Turmeric and ginger are some natural wonders that can help a lot. Apply turmeric power to the knees or ankles and see the difference in swelling. Drinking ginger tea will also help as an anti-inflammatory and will keep the body warm.   
Some common tips to combat winter woes among elders 
We all are aware of some common things, but when we ignore these little things, the problem arrives. In case of elders at home, even a little negligence can cost big in terms of health. 

  • Do not compromise with clothing; Use thermal wears: Keep the elders in warm clothing. Thermal inner wear is a must as it helps in tightening of muscles as well as in keeping the body heat inside. 
  • Do not go for a stroll outside: The outside atmosphere remains very cool and windy. If your parents are used to taking a walk every day, convince them to skip it for a few days in winter. Yoga or exercise at home can compensate for the outside physical activity. 
  • Be active; keep moving: Remaining inside the cozy quilts for longer will make the joints stiffer. So, ask your elders to take a walk inside the house, do some hand and feet movements, roll the wrists and knees and move as much as possible. It will help in reducing the joint pains. 
Seek medical care for pain management 
Proper medical care is needed for the old aged during winter. If the person is having arthritis problem, then it’s better to meet the doctor in advance to be ready to handle any emergency situation. Taking the pain medications timely and applying ointment are a must, if one has been prescribed so. In case of any emergency, do not hesitate to meet the doctor immediately.