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Lasik Surgery—A Painless Way to Get Rid of Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses

Poor eye sight is one of the most common problem these days affecting adults, aged people, and children equally. The use of prescription eye glasses and contact lenses do help a lot, but brings with them the cumbersome process of maintaining them, using them properly, along with making the person conscious about their look. Thankfully, these days the process of LASIK eye surgery is benefiting a lot many people by helping them get rid of the glasses and the lenses. 

Benefits and Risks of Lasik Eye Surgery

What is Lasik? 
LASIK stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis which is a popular laser treatment for eye that corrects the vision problem like near-sightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.
It works by reshaping the cornea to let the light travel through it properly focusing onto the retina located in the back of the eye.
Benefits of Lasik Eye Surgery 
The freedom to have normal vision without using any device is the biggest advantage that comes with it. However, some of the most remarkable benefits are listed below:
  1. The percentage of success through Lasik eye treatment is 96%. Further enhancement of vision can be done by similar process in future.
  2. The surgery is painless due to the use of local anaesthesia.
  3. Immediate improvement in vision can be observed.
  4. No bleeding and hence no bandage is required. A little post-surgery care is needed.
  5. Lasik surgery gets you freedom from the use of eye glasses or contact lenses.
Limitations and Risks with Lasik Eye Surgery 
The success rate in Lasik surgery is very high and any major complication or side effect is very rare with it. However, as with all other types of surgeries, three are some limitations or risks that may follow. Still, any such problem arising out of the surgery may be corrected through next surgery or medical treatment.
  1. There might be under-correction or over-correction
  2. The vision may reach to pre-surgery vision
  3. Rarely there might be vision loss or changes
  4. Dry eyes, halos, glares, or double vision may happen
Post-operative care of Lasik Eye Surgery 
The eyes feel dry after the surgery and the vision seems blurry. This is normal. The surgeon prescribes eye drops to prevent any kind of infection and to keep the eyes moist. There might be a slight burning sensation which will resolve itself after a few minutes. The patient needs to visit the doctor in next 24 to 48 hours.
This surgery is very delicate and is done meticulously. It is a must for the patient to look for a highly experienced eye doctor or surgeon who can perform the operation with perfection.