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Play a Safe and Healthy Holi

Holi calls for a colorful and foodie celebration which is exciting for both kids and adults. While playing with colors represents the various colors of life, the love we share, and the ability to cover every aspect of life with brightness, it has to be healthy and properly planned. There is etiquette for everything, even for playing holi. 

Enjoy the festival of colors
·         Do not push others to play colors if they are not interested
·         Do not throw water balloons forcefully or better do not play with it at all.
·         Consider aged, sick, and allergic people while playing colors
·         Do no throw colors on walls, vehicles, and passers by
·         Do not throw colors on eyes, ears, and mouth
·         Play in a common community area

Care for your loved ones
·         Dress up your kids with full sleeve t-shirts and long payjama
·         Apply body oil on their body and hair oil in their hair so that the colors do not stick and wash away easily
·         Keep their eyes safe, but if color enters their eye, ask them not to rub the eyes. Use lot of water to wash away the colors
·         Do not let the small kids use water balloons and guide them while using the pichkari
·         Prefer natural colors over the synthetic colors
·         Do not let your kids remain in wet clothes for too long. As soon as the game is over, give them a complete bath, dry up and dress up with new clothes.

Protect your Skin and Hair in Holi
·         Before going to play out, apply body oil on your body to avoid strong stains from the colors. It will also prevent any kind of irritation.
·         Put hair oil and tie your hair fast. You can put a scarf or a cap also to protect your hair.
·         In place of oil, you can also use sunscreen to protect your skin from colors as well as sun heat.
·         Prefer wearing clothes that cover your entire body, full sleeve shirts and long pants will be good.
·         Applying nail paints in your fingers and toes will protect them from strong and harsh effects of colors.
·         If you have any skin problems or allergies, do consult your dermatologist before planning for color play in the holi.
·         After playing holi, do not sit in the sun, otherwise the colors will get hardened and it will be difficult to remove them.
·         Before applying water, you can try to remove the colors using oil to keep your skin soft.
·         If you have already planned for a color play, do not get a hair color highlight done on your hair. It will be spoiled.
·         Apply a hair pack after holi or next day to make your hair smooth and shiny. 

Do Not Make Holi Unholy
·         Avoid drunken drinking, speeding on the roads, and rash driving in a fun mood.
·         Do not pollute public places with dirty colors
·         Do not shout loud, avoid hooting and playing loud music

 May your Holi be the happiest Holi ever!!!