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Say Bye to Sugar: Move Towards a Healthy Life

Sugar signifies happiness, good time, and celebration. None of our feasts end without a sugary dessert that is loaded with high unhealthy calories. From the very first cup of tea in the morning, we start feeding our body with a number of food items that contain loads of white sugar which is not good for our health.

Sugar is “empty calorie” 

White sugar contains a lot of calories without any good nutrient. So, if you consume sugar, you actually consume calories without any protein, vitamins, essential fats, enzymes, or minerals. You also give easily digestible food to the bacteria who find it easy to feed on sugar and give you diseases. Not only this, you gradually fall prey to sugar addiction and assuming a day with no sugar diet seems really difficult for you. 

Bad effects of sugar on the body 
Hormonal interference: Sugar actively interferes with the hormones that regular hunger in our body. It makes us feel hungry leading to increased food intake and weight gain. 
Insulin resistance: Insulin causes the glucose from bloodstream enter into the cells to get burnt down. But high sugar intake makes the cells resistant to insulin which further increases the blood glucose level. 
Invitation to diseases: Sugar adversely effects a number of body parts like liver, brain, teeth, pancreas and others bringing related diseases. 
Diseases caused by regular sugar intake:
  • Tooth decay, cavities, and mouth odour 
  • Diabetes and obesity 
  • Weekend eyesight and immunity 
  • Headache, migraine, and risk of Alzheimer’s 
  • Fatty liver and constipation 
The sweet taste is very important for us and not only kids, even elders like to have sweet food in their diet. There is no doubt that consuming white sugar regularly for longer period can be dangerous for the health. So, even if you are taking sugar, try to cut down the portion you take and use healthy alternatives of sugar to get the taste. 

Alternatives of Sugar

There are some natural sugars with other health benefits as well. You can use honey, maple syrup, jaggery and dates syrup in place of white sugar. They are also a rich source of iron which will help you get a good haemoglobin level. It will satiate your craving for sweetness without affecting your body adversely. 

Quit sugar and get many health benefits along with glowing skin, toned body, sharpened memory, and high energy level.